Number Nine

It’s June 10th and I’m in party planning mode, preparing for my son Keegan’s 3rd birthday. I enjoy this time of year. It’s early summer, school is out, the weather is nice, and people are generally happy about it all. This wasn’t always the case for me though. Had you asked me 4 years ago, I would have said that I dreaded summer. Hated it!

My angel Colby was born July 5, 2006. My father passed August 19, 2006 (his birthday was June 19th). June, July, and August no longer held fond memories for me. All of the loss that I experienced in the summer of 2006 made me not look forward to the season. I always became sad reflecting on the death of my son and father. Not a happy time of year for me. Just miserable!

So anyway, as a part of my birthday prep I like to start teaching my son the number of his age. Prior to Keegan’s 2nd birthday I would ask him his age. He was just a baby, barely talking, so I didn’t expect him to really know. When I asked, he would smile and remain silent. I would say TWO then he would laugh and run off. This went on for about a week or so. Then one evening I asked and to my surprise he yelled “NINE.” He said it with such conviction, he was sure. He gave the same answer every time. He was nine. My husband and I looked at each other and with an awkward silence acknowledged, Colby would be 9.

I often speak of how God planted Keegan in our lives at the perfect time. In the bible, 2 represent a union. And 9 symbolize divine completeness. For me, for my husband, for my SON, God was faithful to his promise. It all worked together. We are complete! I've always known that my son was a gift, they both are. My gift is perfect. And it's the perfect time of year. Summer is my season of birth. Thank you, number NINE!