YES to the Dress!!

I can't believe that it's been nine months since I last wrote a blog. Whew! This little world of mine has been on a roller coaster... but I'm BACK!!

I decided to turn this one into a Vlog. I actually think that I may record more videos going forward. I'm known to be kind of long-winded and I need to brush up on my videography skills (sorry - a few shaky moments in there). So anyway, you may see more of me as I practice.

Well, take a look at the video below. Today I'm sharing one of the most delicate pieces of my journey. *sigh* This dress.

After learning that our first child would be a boy, we devised a plan to turn my wedding gown into a beautiful crib cover for our son Colby. But plans changed... and all I had left was THE DRESS! Now what?!