memorial and funeral service

The memorial and funeral service is a parent’s final opportunity to express love towards their now deceased infant. It is a sacred moment - one that should be handled with great care and dignity. This may possibly be the darkest moment in a parent’s life and many simply do not know what to do. “Who do I call?”, “Can I have a funeral for my baby?”, “A Memorial service?”, ”How will I pay for all of this?” These are some of the questions that a grieving parent may ask when deciding what to do next. Healing Footprints will have memorial and funeral service consultants available to guide parents through this process.


  • Provide funeral home and cemetery contacts 
  • Help plan memorial and funeral services complete with keepsakes 
  • Offer a selection of custom made angel garments 
  • Provide financial assistance to help cover the cost of funeral services, burials, and head stones
  • By assisting with memorial and funeral services, we hope to provide cherished memories for each family. This time of tragedy will lead to a time of triumph.

 The journey towards healing begins in this moment, a HEALING FOOTPRINT.