The process of healing begins immediately after the death of an infant. How parents respond in the first few days is critical to the healing process and having a strong support system is imperative.


Healing Footprints will collaborate with the pastoral care service department within hospitals and partner with funeral home directors across the South East region. This partnership provides a platform in which to offer our services to grieving families. Our desire is to help alleviate some of the obstacles that they may encounter during the process and set each family on a path to grieve freely.

Memorial and Funeral Services 

The memorial and funeral service is a parent’s final opportunity to express love towards their now deceased infant. It is a sacred moment, one that should be handled with great care and dignity. This may possibly be the darkest hour in a parent’s life and many simply do not know what to do. “Who do I call?”, “Can I have a funeral for my baby?”,
“A Memorial service?”, ”How will I pay for it?” These are some of the questions that a grieving parent may ask when deciding what to do next. 


Healing Footprints will have memorial and funeral service consultants available to guide parents through the process.


  • Provide funeral home and cemetery contacts 
  • Help plan memorial and funeral services complete with keepsakes 
  • Offer a selection of custom made angel garments 
  • Provide financial assistance to help cover the cost of funeral services, burials, and head stones

By assisting with memorial and funeral services, we hope to provide cherished memories for each family. This time of tragedy will lead to a time of triumph.

The healing journey begins in this moment,
a Healing Footprint...