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Special Day of Giving

For Colby

On July 12, 2006 our son Colby passed away at seven days old. It had been the longest seven days of our lives. Here we are 11 years later celebrating a life that had the tiniest footprint, yet left the largest imprint on our hearts. We love you Colby!



In honor of our sweet angel’s 11th birthday, we’re asking you to donate $11 to our Field of Footprints Grave Marker Program. Funds from this program are used to purchase infant grave markers and headstones for families in need.

This program is very dear to my heart as it was a key phase in my and my husband’s healing process. After our son’s death, I wanted to rush to get a headstone. I didn’t want my son to be “abandoned” at the cemetery without a permanent marker. On the other hand, my husband wanted to delay purchasing a headstone. For him it represented the finale of our baby’s existence and he wasn't ready to let go. 

Purchasing a headstone forced us to admit that it was over. The life of Colby Julian Taplin was over.

It took us a year to resolve this internal conflict and make the purchase. But that purchase placed us on a journey of healing. 

To an outsider, it’s just a slab of granite, marble, slate or some other material. But to a grieving parent, it’s our final gift. Our heartfelt gift. We won’t have an opportunity to buy birthday presents. No prom, graduation or wedding celebration. For many of us, all we had to give our child was a headstone to mark a spot signifying that Yes! My baby was here.

Help us help some of the many families who are unable to afford such a purchase. On average, Healing Footprints spends $600 to purchase a single headstone. But we could never place a price on the lifelong impact. Giving a grieving parent the opportunity to honor their baby despite their financial circumstance is an immeasurable gift. It’s a gift that places their heart in a position to heal.

With your help we can bring healing. One headstone at a time, we can bring healing.

Give $11 today. For Colby.

Thank you for your support.


With hugs,


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